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If you are a Private Landlord or a Letting/Property managing Agent, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed with the multiple new laws and regulations that came into force end of 2018 into 2019 – from changes to the regulations on HMO Licences, to the tenant fees ban, to the client money protection scheme, to new standards on space and electricity.

Breach of any of the regulations could result in a fine from the Authorities as high as £30,000 or Prosecution and adverse media attention.

A lot of Local Authorities in London now have a register for non-compliant landlords, hence savvy tenants avoid those landlords, it is only a matter of time before other authorities in the rest of the UK follow suit.

In order to protect your profits from your commercial investments and your reputation, we encourage landlords and letting agents to seek preventative legal advice for a small fixed fee to ensure they are compliant, and providing them with peace of mind, as litigation when things go wrong, can prove quite expensive.

At Reen Anderson Solicitors we specialise in the following:
• Advice and assistance with application for Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence;
• Direct liaison with the Local Authorities on your behalf;
• Defending you for any Prosecution by the Council for breach of housing law and regulations;
• We also provide trainings and seminars to update our Landlords and letting agent clients on changes on the law affecting them, thereby freeing them up to focus on building their property portfolio and businesses;
• Advice and draft of tenancy agreements to ensure enforceability and protection of both sides;
• Advice and assistance with the Eviction process and attendance at Court for possession proceedings;
• Representations of Landlords and Letting Agents at the First Tier Tribunals dealing with various issues.

We offer a FREE initial telephone consultation to Landlords and Letting Agents to ascertain how we can help them.


For a free initial telephone consultation, please call us on

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