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We are a specialist law firm based in Central London providing legal services to Business Owners, Employers and HMO Landlords all over the UK.

We are a specialist law firm based in Central London providing legal services to Business Owners, Employers and HMO Landlords all over the UK.

Excellent solicitors with the highest level of expertise. I was really impressed with the service from start to finish with the firm. I would look no further than Reen Anderson Solicitors to look after your Trading Standards questions and defend you. Best Solicitors – Defending businesses and their owners.
Mr. Kousoulou
Business Owner – London

Businesses need to comply with a multitude of rules and regulations. Failing to meet those regulations may result in criminal investigations by regulators such as the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Trading Standards, Planning Officers & various Government Regulatory bodies who are responsible for enforcing regulations.

We have specialist experience in these areas of Law having also prosecuted on behalf of various Government and Regulatory bodies and advised decision-makers over the years, we can provide a bespoke and personalised service to our clients faced with most enforcement and regulatory issues.

We also provide a top-quality service for property investors & HMO landlords on HMO licence matters.

Health & Safety Law Solicitors

Health and safety is a complex topic and is an issue that affects all businesses from sole traders to multi-national companies. There are numerous categories within health and safety itself, including general health and safety duties, construction management, corporate manslaughter and homicide, gross negligence, working at height, gas safety, fire safety, and many other areas.

Employment Law Solicitors

We help you as an employer have the right employment documents such as having a staff handbook and contractual documents in place including policies and procedures suited to your type of business.

One size does not fit all, so we will not just hand out generic templates for a business owner to complete.

HMO Landlord Law Solicitors

If you are an HMO Landlord or a Letting/Property managing Agent managing HMO properties, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed with the multiple new laws and regulations that came into force in the last few years and more to come in – from changes to the regulations on HMO Licences, including the following;  tenant fees ban, client money protection scheme, new standards on space and electricity; various licensing schemes such as Mandatory Licensing Scheme, Selective Licensing Scheme, Additional Licensing Scheme to areas affected by Article 4 direction.

Specialist Legal Advice is key in this area of Law, that is where we come in.  

Commercial Law Solicitors

Most businesses are underpinned by Commercial Contracts and the financial success of any business is based on successfully negotiating and completing with customers and business partners enforceable contracts or agreements that robustly protect the business interests in the short and long term. With this in mind, we work with clients to produce, tailored, user-friendly, and legally compliant contracts or agreements and advice.

Trading Standards Law Solicitors

We have the expertise to advise you through every stage of a Trading Standards Investigation or a Trading Standard Prosecution across the country including:

  • PACE interviews
  • Summons to court
  • Representation at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court
  • Appeals to the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

Litigation Solicitors

Litigation is the main avenue for people and businesses to resolve their disputes, an alternative way is through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which covers mediation and arbitration. However, most times where this is not possible then Litigation is the only resort.

As litigation experts, this is where we can help to safeguards your interests.