Case Studies

We represented a Supermarket in breach of Trading Standards Regulations in that it had sold items not registered under the Trading Standards regulations, negotiations on their behalf with the local authority resulted in a caution being administered therefore, preventing the business and its director being prosecuted.

A family run Hotel was charged with breach of Health and Safety when an employee slipped in the kitchen and sustained injuries her ankle and a sprained wrist, we advised and mitigated in Court on behalf of the company and sentence was reduced considerably from £40000 down to £12,000. We assisted the hotel in remedying breaches pointed out by the Council’s health and safety officers, and assisted the hotel in putting in place an up to date health and safety policy in order to avoid further breaches in the future.

We represented a Wine Bar that had numerous issues with the local residents over noise late at night emanating from their premises and threats of closure by local council, we were able to advise and assist the owners of the wine bar in regards to compliance of their licence conditions and ways to work together with the local residents in order to maintain good relations and avoid closure of the wine bar by the council.

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