HMO Compliance for HMO Landlords

If you are an HMO Landlord or a Letting/Property managing Agent managing HMO properties, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed with the multiple new laws and regulations that came into force in the last few years and more to come in – from changes to the regulations on HMO Licences, including the following;  tenant fees ban,  client money protection scheme,  new standards on space and electricity; various licensing schemes such as Mandatory Licensing Scheme, Selective Licensing Scheme, Additional Licensing Scheme to areas affected by Article 4 direction.

Specialist Legal Advice is key in this area of Law, that is where we come in.  Some of our Lawyers have worked as Prosecution Lawyers for the Councils UK-wide, therefore, have the ability to advice clients not just from an HMO Defence lawyer point of view, but also from a prosecution point of view, giving   clients a well-balanced advice and representation in HMO Licence Prosecutions and HMO property issues in general. 

Breach of any of the Housing Regulations could result in an Unlimited fine in Housing Prosecution before the Courts and adverse media attention causing reputational damage to you as an HMO landlord. 

In order to protect your profits from your commercial investments and your reputation, we encourage HMO Landlords and letting agents to seek preventative legal advice and certainly should they receive any correspondence from the Council, seek immediate and early legal intervention.

We will advise HMO Landlords and we can also collaborate with your planning consultants or architects, or recommend our own in regard to planning applications to extend properties for HMO purposes and we will also represent you in breach of planning issues and planning enforcement prosecution brought by the Council against you.

“Excellent work by Maureen Ogbu of Reen Anderson Solicitors. She was able to assist us in a very swift and professional manner. We were impressed with her effort as the matter was time-sensitive and she was able to fit us into her busy schedule. She was also patient enough to deal with our anxious queries and, although our case is still pending, we are confident we are in good hands.”

Mrs Krinis

HMO Landlord, West London


At Reen Anderson Solicitors we specialise in the following:

  • Advice and assistance with application for Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence
  • Direct liaison with the Local Authorities on your behalf
  • Defend you for any HMO Licence and Housing Prosecution by the Council for breach of Housing regulations.
  • We also provide trainings and seminars to update our Landlords and letting agent clients on changes on the law affecting them, thereby freeing them up to focus on building their property portfolio and businesses.
  • Advice and assistance with the Housing Eviction process and attendance at Court for Possession Proceedings
  • Representations at the First Tier (Property Chamber) Tribunals hearings dealing with Housing Appeals, Appeal against Civil Penalty Notices, Housing Appeals

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