Health and Safety Law Solicitors

Health and Safety Law Solicitors

Health and Safety is a complex topic and is an issue that affects all businesses from sole traders to multi-national companies. There are numerous categories within health and safety itself, including general health and safety duties, construction management, corporate manslaughter and homicide, gross negligence, working at height, gas safety, fire safety, and many other areas.

If a breach of health and safety laws occur there can be large fines imposed for what you may perceive as a minor offence. It is therefore vital for all businesses to contact well-experienced and knowledgeable health and safety solicitors if a case against their company ever arose.

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I would like to thank Reen Anderson Solicitors for their representation of myself and my company in a Health and Safety Prosecution matter against me and my company.

As a result of their representation and advice, we received a much lower fine than we were expecting in Court. We also received very good advice and some recommendations from them to make sure we do not make the same mistake again, as a small business we cannot afford to waste money paying for court cases if we can at all avoid it. I would definitely recommend them; they really do care about you and your business.”

Mr. R Peterson – Director
Construction Company – Nottingham

The importance of hiring a Healthy & Safety Solicitor

Health and safety laws affect all businesses from sole traders to multi-national companies. Recent years have seen major changes in the way in which incidents are investigated and significant increases in the fines that can be imposed. The range and complexity of health and safety legislation mean that it is important to seek advice pro-actively, to ensure that your company is compliant with the law, rather than waiting for an accident to happen.

If a company is prosecuted, in addition to the prospect of significant fines and damaging publicity, there is the possibility of custodial sentences for company directors or officers. If the worst happens and your company faces an investigation by the police, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), or local authority, it is vital to obtain specialist legal advice from the outset in order to protect your company’s position.

It is important for business owners to be aware that the earlier you contact a solicitor when a health and safety case arises, the more chance you have of a positive outcome. Therefore, ensure that you do not worry or delay contacting us if you have any questions, or need some initial advice. Explaining your precise case details to an expert health and safety solicitor will be the first step in working towards a positive result for your business.

It is absolutely essential for business owners to be aware of the possibilities of injury, illness, and even death in regards to their employees.

Defence Solicitors for breach of Health & Safety

We advise businesses whether small or large on Health and Safety matters at work. All employers owe a duty of care to their employees and anyone else coming into their place of business to ensure they are safe.

Breach of Health and Safety regulations can cost a business thousands of pounds; ensure you instruct a specialist in this area of law to protect your business. Call us on 0207 859 4451

  • We assist clients with drafting Health and Safety Policies for their business
  • We provide training on Health and Safety regulations for small, medium, and large-sized businesses
  • We can advise on dealing with Local Authorities and the Health and Safety Executive
  • As and when required we can attend PACE interviews with clients
  • We can negotiate with Local Authorities on behalf of our clients’ business
  • We can review the health and safety policy if a business has one and advise on actions to be taken with the assistance of qualified health and safety officer
  • We represent businesses being prosecuted for breach of Health and Safety