Litigation is the main avenue for people and businesses to resolve their disputes, an alternative way is through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which covers mediation and arbitration. However, most times where this is not possible then Litigation is the only resort.

We cover Property Litigation including boundary dispute issues.

We cover Shareholder Disputes – where there has been a breakdown in the relationship between the shareholders in a company.

We cover Breach of Contract issues – where one party has failed to perform its contractual obligations in a commercial agreement.

We cover Intellectual Property Litigation – where a business or an individual has decided to pass off your idea as theirs in business.

We cover Commercial Litigation – where disputes arise between two separate businesses, we will advise on the best strategy to adopt to resolve issues, however, should this prove futile, then we will conduct the Litigation proceedings on behalf of our business client.

I approached Reen Anderson about a commercial dispute case I was dealing with and they assisted with so much integrity and care. Their lawyers are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced. They work hard to ensure a high standard of service to their clients and that is what I received. I highly recommend their services.”

Ms. Sajeda – Business Owner

Litigation Funding Options and Fees

Given the uncertainty of the litigation process, that is, how long it will take for a case to be finalised, we are unable to give a set fee, however, we will you an estimate of costs and also inform you of the following options at the outset:

We can either agree on a set fee for each stage of the litigation process or you pay an hourly rate for the grade of the particular Solicitor dealing with your matter or we agree on a fixed fee to be paid by you on a monthly basis as the case progresses, you will be updated on a monthly basis.

In some instances, client’s legal expenses may be covered under their insurance policy, such as their home and contents insurance, for instance, they will be advised to double-check this with their insurance company.

Typically, our Solicitors rates will depend on the years of experience or qualification, the complexity of the case, the period of time the case is likely to take.

As a guide Solicitors of more than 7 years qualified will charge from £250 per hour. We will go through our fees at the outset so you can budget accordingly. We will also provide you with our fee structure at the outset.